"Rei" is sometimes translated from Japanese as a bow and a well-known phrase "Karate wa Rei-ni Hajimari, Rei-ni Owaru" stands for "Karate begins with a Bow and ends with a Bow". This is partly true. Bow is important, but only a part of Rei, or Reigi - a traditional code of Japanese etiquette. Before entering Dojo with a bow we put on our karate-gi, a kimono for karate, and we tie it with an Obi belt. This is the exact moment when Rei begins. Rei ends when, in accordance with the etiquette, we take off the kimono and fold it. Thus we return to our everyday life. Until the next training, until our next step on the Way of Karate.

Kimono for karate is an important part of Rei. Realizing the importance of proper equipment, MUGENSTORE has been proudly presenting for more than 10 years a great selection of high-class karate kimonos handmade by skilled craftsmen in Japan - SHUREIDO and HIROTA companies.

The karate gi crafted by Tokyo company HIROTA and the Okinawan company SHUREIDO has gained recognition of the national karate team of Japan and the most eminent organizations of Japanese and Okinawan traditional karate. HIROTA and SHUREIDO equipment is the choice of professional athletes who perform in kata and kumite at various championships under the rules of WKF, JKF, JKA, as well as many other prestigious international and national competitions. We can find people wearing HIROTA and SHUREIDO labeled kimonos for karate in thousands of Dojos all over the world. Elite level competitors appreciate and love HIROTA and SHUREIDO brands for the finest quality and true karate spirit embodied in every line, in every centimeter of its fabric.

SHUREIDO and HIROTA lineup offers the best protective competition equipment approved by WKF, JKF, JKA and other reputable organizations. Color and black belts for karate both for amateurs and the high level professionals, traditional weapons of kobudo - Sai truncheons, Tonfa truncheons, famous Nunchaku, Kama sickles, wooden Bokken swords and Tanto knives and many other items of the highest quality martial art equipment.

Welcome to the world of MUGENSTORE - the world of the best equipment for karate and kobudo from Japan!